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Gary Alexander

To tell you about us, I'll begin with myself. Forty years ago, my Dad did me the service of giving me Norman Vincent Peale’s “The Power Of Positive Thinking.” I have been researching, learning, and applying ways to “improve myself and help others” ever since. This is my wife’s and my mantra for living. “Improving self and helping others” evolved into improving quality of life, managing, training, motivating and even starting (and selling) successful businesses. The list of materials I’ve read and courses I have taken about self improvement would literally fill a library. I have completed the presigious Dale Carnagie Management Training as well as their Stand And Deliver program and have mentored and managed some of the best. I first heard Earl Nightingale's "Lead The Field" at age 18 and have listened to it's inspiring message hundreds of times, ultimately completing Lead The Field Executive Training from Nightingale Conant. Over 15 years ago, I completed NLP Training with Tony Robbins.

Everything doesn’t always go according to plan. But I learned to look at failure simply as the opposite of success. I see any two extremes as part of the same reality. There could not be success without failure; similarly, ignorance is a lack of knowledge. When we shift our paradigm into that of the higher, more positive state, we can begin to see the real truth, which is that obstacles are actually opportunities.

I am deeply committed to helping people improve their overall quality of life through esoteric spirituality, service to others, motivational modalities. I want to empower others to use their own intuitive thinking so they can begin to learn to love themselves and the Universe, thereby fully enjoying their experiences in this lifetime. Primarily, I focus on development of our higher selves and consciousness, as well as extensive personal and spiritual growth tools that will help people realize their full potential through self-worth, uniqueness, purpose and joy. This precious time we have here on Earth is our “Time to Shine.” My personal interests are singing, songwriting, reading, nature, meditating and learning.

Martha Durham Alexander

Intelligent, funny, creative and beautiful, Martha is an inspiration to all with whom she comes in contact. Martha’s life, like so many others, was peppered with depression and anxiety as a result of self-loathing and a traumatic childhood. She has walked the walk that has affected so many others and has overcome the adversity. The darkness began to lift when she started learning about metaphysics and the human potential movement. The clouds parted and allowed her inner light to shine. An excellent researcher and experienced writer, insightful and inquisitive Martha‘s unique ability to deliver a pleasing and harmonious message is truly a gift. Her editing of this web site makes it sing.

Martha doesn’t have many of the credentials that I have in the realm of “Higher Self Improvement”, although she recently received her certification as a life coach. She is a student of all things metaphysical, energy healing modalities, as well as NLP and EFT training and music as a healer. Her life experiences are perhaps the greatest tools in her belt to help people recognize their greatness and the joy we can all experience in this lifetime. On a daily basis, she is cognizant of the importance of living in the moment, being aware of what is around her, and the beauty, talent, and abilities of us all.Martha’s personal interests include gardening, singing and songwriting, reading, learning, making people laugh, and spoiling our 8-year-old dachshund, Schatze.


We met in Nashville and were married soon after— truly perfect life partners. We are performing songwriters, technical writers, entrepreneurs, professional motivational speakers, business and life coaches learned in the ways of Quantum Physics and Metaphysics. We meditate daily and are continually amazed by the healing effects of Binaural Brainwave Entrainment and hypnotherapy.

Our presentation style is more exciting and different than your average speaker. We come from a completely different angle than others, because of our on-stage experience as musicians. Whether you’re booking a keynote speaker for a convention or singer-songwriters for a house concert or anything inbetween, you’ll always receive an uplifting, motivational message delivered in a humorous manner, but always professional and appropriate for the venue.

Together, we are on a continual journey to foster our own personal growth and to share it with others. Anyone can live happily, simply and abundantly. What we have learned, we will share with you.

Martha and I invite you to peruse our website, and we sincerely hope you learn, grow, and smile from it. Your feedback is always welcome!


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