Do you experience awareness when you have a flat tire, that your tie is crooked, that you have on two different colored socks? We may be aware of all those things. Sometimes if our hair is out of place or a shirt is un-tucked, we may know it. But so few of us realize our own greatness.

Conscious living or living in the moment is what we’re talking about -- the ability to pay attention to and sort through the significant amount of data and stimuli that engulf us and our thoughts on a daily basis. It’s easy to become overwhelmed, since we live in a time of instant gratification. And it’s just as easy to pay attention to the wrong things. Being aware is not simply about making decisions; it’s more about determining what opportunities there are for us. The sea of potential in which we live is ever expanding; life is like an amusement park on steroids. There are so many things to do and to see, yet many of us simply settle. We settle for the 9 to 5, for the work-a-day world, trading hours for dollars and wondering the whole time why we got a raw deal.

Self-awareness allows us to utilize that abyss between our ears more efficiently. In so doing, we take advantage of opportunities that others often overlook. For example, many of us have ideas, inventions, lyrics, titles of books, anything creative within us. Some call it visions of grandeur, and others call it dreaming or day dreaming. But any creative idea or thought that we have comes to us from that Universal Creator attempting to manifest something new and different in the world. We are charged with rolling it around in our heads, thinking about it, studying and researching until we come up with a plan. We are charged with the task as spiritual beings in a human body with being creative while on the Earth plain and contributing to making the world a better place through love.

Our plan doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult; we simply need to put forth the effort to first recognize it then to establish some line of thought around it, to support it, if you will. More people than we realize simply allow these thoughts and ideas come and go without really giving them much more consideration. We do this because we don’t realize that we all have the ability to manifest those things in our life. We seldom if ever give ourselves enough credit to be able to make it happen. Did you ever hear that we were all created in the image of God; that what one can do, all can do; that we reap what we sew?

Owning our greatness is the least we could do to pay homage to God for allowing us all these wonderful opportunities. It’s not that we don’t know these things; it’s that we’ve allowed ourselves to forget. So start paying more attention, being more aware and start reinventing your experience here in the physical realm you’ll be surprised at what you can create! Want more on awareness; download the free ebook on Self Realization.