Body Language

The American Heritage Dictionary defines body language as “the gestures, postures, and facial expressions by which a person manifests various physical, mental, and emotional states and communicates non-verbally with others.”

Whether we are that cognizant of it or not, our mannerisms are apparent to others in our personal and businesses lives, and can adversely or positively affect our relationships, thereby contributing to our success or failure. Non-verbal communication constitutes 60-75% of the importance of a message. Paying attention and being aware of how others read us is paramount to the evolution of relationships.

Although one could take the attitude that they don’t care what people think of them, unfortunately, in all societies, the messages we send to other people through our gastures can cause them to formulate certain opinions of us that we might not necessarily want them to formulate. First impressions are important. And we all know that one only has one chance to leave a good first impression.

In our personal relationships, marriages can be saved by the one element of diligently paying attention to the signals we send to our spouse, particularly during a disagreement. Having the right knowledge in body language allows you to uncover what your friends, co-workers, spouse, customers or anyone else, may be hiding from you. You might even understand other people's thoughts or feelings better than they do!

Let's face it. Even if we trust someone with our life, we’d never have peace of mind unless we know exactly what they're feeling or thinking inside.

For example, if we have a habit of touching our nose, people could perceive that as a sign of deception. We might simply have that habit even if we're telling the truth, but people can't tell the difference. They are unconsciously interpreting our gesture as untrustworthy and judging us based on our actions.

Why go through the trouble of being misinterpreted when it can be avoided? Understanding the meaning and uses of specific body gestures allows us to change our approach and act only in ways that will result in maximum compliance.

Just imagine the loss of revenue that could be a result if we communicates mistrust or offends clients... without even being
aware of it! But if we know how to use body language, we will be able to avoid sales pitfalls and convey body signals that make customers say "yes!"

Body language is not only applicable in sales or business. We could also miss out on that important date or job opportunity... only because we are unconsciously sending negative signals. No one wants that to happen, right?

That's why if we want to skyrocket sales... have business success or career success ... be successful in dating, social life or
relationships... as long as we communicate and interact with people regularly, then learning body language is a key component of our daily activities.

By the way, I understand that sometimes people may be feeling down. But that doesn't mean other people should know, especially if our present mood could ruin a lifelong career or relationship. Learn how to purposely act in ways that will be appropriate to the circumstances.

Think having this ability is mind-blowing? We haven't scratched the surface yet. Learn to recognize the true meaning of people's gestures and movements (which could often be very different from what they say), and life changes in a lot of positive ways. Complete the form below to download a copy of our FREE eBook.

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