Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing is the basic foundation for almost all of our courses in Holistic Healing. Not only does this Chakra Balancing course give you an understanding of our "energetic" bodies and why it is important to keep the seven main chakras of the body clear and balanced, it also teaches you how to keep your chakras balanced and how to recognize where and why a dis-ease has manifested in the physical, emotional, and/or spiritual body. What is a chakra?

Chakras and Chakra Healing...Chakras are vital energy centers where spiritual energy flows into the body. This holistic treatment involves developing awareness, releasing blocks and increasing the flow through these spiritual energy centers. Chakra is a Sanskrit word, literally meaning "wheel" or "disc". They are mentioned in the Vedas, a set of four ancient Hindu texts. Chakras are like spinning vortexes which continuously bring spiritual energy into your system. There are numerous chakras throughout the body. They vary in size from the larger seven major chakras, to medium size chakras in the hands and feet, to smaller chakras which correspond to pressure points and energy meridians in Chinese Medicine.

Our senses and emotions are all connected to a particular Chakra. Your Chakras can be imbalanced due to stress; and this can cause physical illness.

Your Chakras all vibrate at different frequencies – when they are “in tune”, then your body, mind and spirit can all work together in harmony.

Each of the seven primary Chakras is responsible for a different set of senses, parts of the body and glands in the endocrine system. Our Chakras are responsible for every feeling we have, every sensation we can feel and any emotional state we experience.

Our Chakras can be knocked out of balance by stress, leading to sickness. In fact, physical illness is often an indicator of a Chakra imbalance.

To keep your Chakras working properly, they need to be balanced. Chakra balancing is like preventative maintenance for your body.

There are several different ways that you can bring your Chakras back into balance and heal them, but sound is by far the most effective.

Tibetan singing bowls, soft music and other sounds can help our Chakras become balanced and healthy by resonating at their frequencies. Music and other types of sound have healing properties and emotional resonance, making it the ideal method of Chakra healing.

Harmonious sounds cause relaxation while chaotic ones cause emotional upset. Using sound to create a healing atmosphere can bring about Chakra balancing and inner peace.

It once was that in order to learn how to balance and heal Chakras, you would need to spend years in meditation and study.

When your Chakras are in proper balance, you’ll know it. You’ll feel peaceful, energetic and generally like you can take on the world!

Each of our Chakras has a different resonant frequency. When you listen to the corresponding frequency of the Chakra, it heals and balances that Chakra. It's important to understand this when learning about and practising chakra balancing.

The Seven Major Chakras

1st Root - Red Located near the base of the spine. Survival as spirit in body. Issues relating to work, livelihood and money. Belonging to a group. Fear and security issues.

2nd Spleen - Orange Located a few finger widths below the navel. Emotionality, sexuality and clairsentience. Flow and blockages of emotions, sexual attraction and sensing others' emotions.

3rd Solar Plexus - Gold Located at the solar plexus, just below the ribs. Energy distribution and personal power. How much energy you have, how you use it and what you use it for. Ego identity--who you think you are.

4th Heart - Green Located in the center of the chest area. Affinity and harmony. What you're magnetically drawn to. Ability to be at one with people, places, objects. Self-love and self-worth.

5th Throat - Blue Located at the base of the neck and throat. Communication and expression. Ability to communicate with others verbally and psychically. Listening to & expressing inner voice.

6th Third Eye - Purple Located through the center of the head, in line with the forehead. Clairvoyance and ability to see as Spirit, to distinguish truth from lies. Seeing the whole picture without judgment.

7th Crown - Iridescent White Located on top of the head at the crown. Knowingness-your ability to be still and know truth. Your own direct connection to higher spiritual information. Intuition and inspiration.

Of all the alternative therapies Chakra Balancing is one of the easiest to learn and help to manage stress and enjoy a healthy lifestyle!

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