Let’s look at consciousness from the holistic standpoint of body mind and spirit.

From the body perspective it may equate to the body as a temple. Taking care of ourselves physically is important to ensure a quality life experience. When we’re physically fit, we can enjoy the pleasures that physical reality has to offer. It follows that living in the moment, being aware of the sights, smells, sounds, tastes, feelings and emotions that we receive in each moment are our representations of the world. Sensory perception is the body’s attempt to create our experience on the physical plane.

Mind consciousness might include Self Awareness or Self Actualization. There is a lot of literature available that supports the theory that our thoughts shape our world. As A Man Thinketh By James Allen and Thoughts Are Things by Prentice Milford are just two such books. Our mind directs our actions, feelings and overall experience. The thoughts we think sometimes seem to materialize in a flash, other times we go through a mental process, often visualizing the process to achieve certain results either mentally or physically.

The spirit portion of the holistic triangle would be Spiritual Awakening, which is often the byproduct of body and mind awareness. It is generally agreed that this level is achieved when we determine, then live and serve our Highest Calling.

Living in this way may present the ultimate experience in the physical realm. When we realize that we are part of the One Creator or Universal Mind, we begin to understand that we are only separated by a single degree from that all knowing, all creative force. This affords us new levels of understanding which allow us to interact with other people and things in the physical material world in a more positive and engaging manner.

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