The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction has certainly been getting its fair share of free press of late. From Abraham Hicks to Opera, everyone seems to have a “take” on it. Go over Wikipedia and see what they have to say about The Law of Attraction . There’s plenty there about The new Thought Movement, The Secret, Nepolian Hill and authors as far back as the mid 1800’s. Funny how Wiki, begins their discussion with the label pseudoscience, which they define as:

“…a claim, belief, or practice which is presented as scientific, but does not adhere to a valid scientific method, lacks supporting evidence or plausibility, cannot be reliably tested, or otherwise lacks scientific status.”

Naturally I’m prepared to take exception to that. There was a time when science professed that the world was flat, man would never fly, never travel in space, never cure many of the cures available today. In fact if you read about Ray Kurzweil and his accelerating intelligence, you will read about current and emerging technology that will blow your mind

There have been studies that show how smiling and positive thinking improve results.

Brainwave entrainment documentation and research on how it has a 70% effective rate of cure vs the 25% rate of medicine. These are but a few of the things I site off the top of my head to make you stop and think. If these things have been proven to work, haw far out of the realm of possibility is the Law Of Attraction?

If we want abundance, success, material things, or a certain lifestyle, we need first to define what they are. The we should try all the tools available to us to determine what works best for us. One thing I’m certain of is that if you don’t approach it with an open mind, you’ll never have the opportunity to really know and understand how many people are using the LOA to their advantage.

Many of us are living someone else’s definition of success; a big car, a big house a high end job with lots of money and lots of stuff to keep track of. Our parents taught us that this was living the good life. It really doesn’t take a spiritual awakening to understand that the formerly described existence may not serve us.

We had to make a paradigm shift by thinking differently about how we visualize“success”. We were pretty much forced to, because of some poor decisions and unfortunate timing. I won’t go into the details but one could say we were at the end of our rope.

The Law of Attraction is tricky, because other Universal Laws sometimes throw us off course. In addition, many of us know what we want, but have no idea as to what we need. It’s important to understand that we get what we think about. If we think “oh no I could never make that happen”, that’s what we attract. If we act in such a way as to be less than sure that what we want in our life will manifest itself, it won’t.

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What we decided first was that we wanted most of all was a happy life. So we began talking about how that would look and what we would do. We quickly realized that we didn’t need much to be happy, we needed love, which we had in our relationship. Pretty much after that we could be happy living under a bridge. But in the interest of not setting the bar too low, we talked about housing, work and lifestyle. Subconsciously, day by day, we changed a major paradigm and we employed the Law of Attraction to manifest in our lives, that which we wanted.

A Paradigm Shift is a change in one’s core belief, or reprogramming of automatic response based on input from the physical material world. We are taught this by our parents, friends and families. We believe these things to be true, because they have been supported by our love ones. And so often that programming not only doesn’t serve us, but it holds us back.

We redefined Abundance as a reachable, sustainable level of creative comfortable living, as opposed to over-abundance. We allowed ourselves to think big, but start small. We had failures, but we had creativity and inspiration and as importantly, commitment and faith.

The Law of Attraction seems like bow hunk to many, but studies show that the good old attitude of gratitude works and smiling works. We have remained positive in our journey toward abundance and we are living the dream along the way; each day appreciating that which we have attracted.

By employing conscious living, daily meditation and visualization into our daily lives we can make a remarkable impact on our quality of living. Understanding that the journey is the experience helps us to realize an enriched life experience. That can be a powerful shift in paradigm as well as consciousness.

There are many theories about how, why and even if The Law of Attraction works. There are a lot of universal laws to study and understand. When we free our mind and allow for the possibility that there might be something to these laws; redefine or re-label certain words; remain open to new ways of thinking; change our internal dialog to have a more positive posture; and resonate at the frequency of our Higher Self, we can begin to open up our world and receive the gifts which it has to offer.

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