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A Life Coach will guide you through the information jungle and help you realize your goals and desires by relieving you of the feeling of Overwhelm. In our fast-moving, high-tech society, people are evolving more and more rapidly as a result of the ability to access the mountains of information that had been unavailable previously. Overwhelm is a phenomenon that is a result of the amount of information to which we have access today. Being stuck and confused is more costly now, and inhibits our ability to find who we are, where we are going, and what we want. Ultimately, our value is based on what we create as opposed to what we know.

Our approach to life coaching is based upon metaphysical principals. That is to say, we believe that one has choices in life, not decisions. New Age, or Integral thinking really isn’t new at all; it’s been around since Aristotle. Through the vehicle of coaching, we will formulate a plan that incorporates the Universal Laws, thereby enabling the client to see their greatness, or Higher Self, by looking at the big picture. We help them to step outside their comfort zone and see the big picture for how wonderful they really are. It is inside of all us; sometimes we just need someone else to facilitate seeing it.

Insight is essential for human development . We coach with insight: first, by helping you to define exactly what it is that you want; then, by giving you goal-setting and problem solving tools with which to accomplish it; and finally, by holding you accountable to yourself to achieve it. We ask a series of questions to allow you to arrive at the solution that is right for you and your circumstances, rather than our telling you straight out what path to take. It is a growing experience for both parties. Learn how to interpret body language ; build a successful home business; understand emotional intelligence and its effect on our lives; use alternative learning styles ; implement time management skills to focus on the most important tasks and projects. There may be some management of relationships and or emotional intelligence issues that need to be addressed as well.

A coach has to be compassionate, a good listener, motivating, a good cheerleader, and be able to validate, acknowledge, and give you the power to find the answers. A life coach is not, however, a therapist. If we see that a situation warrants assistance from a therapist, beyond the scope of our intent and expertise, we will suggest that to the client in a compassionate way.

A commitment is required by both the coach and the client. To achieve extraordinary results, we help you improve your outlook. We have a saying: “Change is a few coins in your pocket; improvement is the way toward evolving consciousness”. Rome wasn’t built in a day; it takes time to change our core beliefs, to shift paradigms. The minimum commitment that we recommend is 6 weeks. Action is required to breathe success into the result. If you are committed to improving your quality of life then life coaching could be for you. But make no mistake it takes action and commitment to achieve the desired outcome. If you are interested in having a free session with a life coach, just sign up and we will be in touch! We also provide professional business coaching and mentoring services and can even help you start a successful online home business. Or you may prefer to hire us as motivational speakers at your next corporate, sssociation or private event.


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“He who is wise enough to understand will readily recognize that the creative power of thought places an invincible weapon in his hands and makes him a master of destiny”
Charles Haanel

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