Meaningful Quotes

Why do people love quotes so much?

Because they precisely and definitively express what we know, love, observe, recognize, feel, believe, think, accept, imagine, hope, fear, desire, acknowledge, and/or have experienced as a life truth. They resonate with us on some level, striking a vibration in our hearts and souls because we more than likely know that they are true or pertain to something we do know but do not act upon.

Additionally, they are often easy to remember because they rhyme or are simplistic, and we have heard many of them since childhood from our parents.

They should spur us to action, teach us, make us laugh, cry, think, shift our paradigm(s), and in some way make us better people. They are meant to impact us in a positive way and in some cases, answers some of life's biggest questions.

One of our favorite aspects of quotes is reading from people who lived hundreds or thousands of years ago and to compare the humor, wisdom, insight, and spirituality of famous people through time to the present. Rumi or Earl Nightingale? Most of the time, the wisdom is similar but worded completely differently.

Inspirational quotes transcend all planes of the physical material world.


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