Meditation Techniques

There are many meditation techniques, the original was to simply go into “the silence,” often paying attention to breathing and reciting a chant such as “om” or “I am one”. Edgar Cayce recommended that beginners use the “I am one” method for at least 6 months. The readings of Edgar Cayce might also be helpful in seeing the power of meditation. In his book The Master Key System Charles Haanel speaks about regularly going into the silence in order to connect with our higher self.

Another meditation technique is the use of relaxing music which many find make it easier to drift into a meditative state. Brain Wave Entrainment has been proven to work at various levels of activity in the brain. Guided Meditations are attractive for some in order to achieve certain results because the individual is being led through the meditation by a guide, who is speaking the instructions aloud and it may be on a particular subject to ponder as the person meditates.

The benefits of these meditation techniques range from reducing stress to overcoming bad habits, relieving chronic pain and even achievement of goals. Happiness, creativity and an overall state of well being can result from regular meditation.

Some people think they’re not getting any benefit from meditation or that they’re “doing it wrong”. For those who simply don’t believe it doesn’t “work”, this article about research at MIT/Harvard might be beneficial.
Most who are attracted to this web site and metaphysics in general would agree that achieving altered states without the use of drugs or alcohol has remarkable benefits.

The technique is less important than the result, as they say; the proof is in the pudding. The only way to determine if we’re getting the results we want is by having a distinct purpose in mind and measuring if we’re accomplishing anything toward that goal over time.

For instance, maybe we want to lower our cholesterol. This is a simple thing for a doctor to measure. If we visualize the cholesterol number itself as being lower, we may get one result. If we focus on reducing stress in our life, we may get a different result. If we concentrate on the cells and the energy within our bodies healing themselves, we may get even more dramatic results.

Different techniques work for different people, because people learn differently. If you’re a visual person, visualization will work best for you, auditory learners will best benefit with the use of music and sound and kinesthetic types would most benefit through energy techniques such as BWE.