When thinking about meridians, some may visualize vortices, lay lines across the physical planet, astronomical lines or even acupuncture points. All of these can be applied in the metaphysical realm. Time even has its own in Greenwich England, known as the Prime Meridian Taoism teaches that there are channels of awareness through which qi flows nourishing and energizing the body. The information comes to us from three sources;

  • That received in deep meditations of the ancient sages;
  • The direct experience of Yogis; what they felt and saw within their own bodies;
  • Explorations of many generations of qigong and Chinese medical practitioners

In Chinese medicine, they are not only associated with points on the body, but with times of the day as well as elements and organs. We can learn a lot from Ancient Wisdom.

We may frame it differently, as in the meridians of our mind. These might be visualized as intersections between consciousness and the Higher Self, sometimes referred to as the sub conscious. This metaphor might help one to see more clearly how we all have greatness within us. Having all been created in the likeness of our Creator, it’s not difficult to realize that we have that same creative ability within us.

Within the reaches of our mind we might visualize a network of lay lines or meridians, the intersections of which generate an energy that powers our thoughts. This network of creative energy powers our actions as well. Our thoughts lead to actions which together across a lifetime weave the tapestry of our life experience.

“What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.” Earl Nightingale

This creative energy, property utilized is quite capable of manifesting anything which we can imagine in our life. So often we fail to realize our own power. Worry and fear often cause us to lose faith in ourselves. This self doubt often prevents us from accomplishing the great things we can and want in our lives.

All of this information may be overwhelming, representing a major paradigm shift or change in a core belief. But practitioners of NLP and other new methods of overcoming negative habits have found that re-labeling things allows us to gain new perspective, re-connect with the creator within us and ultimately rise up to the level of our Higher Self.