Metaphysics is the study of things beyond the physical; Meta, from Greek meaning after, beyond, adjacent or self and Physics from Greek meaning nature, science. Some of the concepts seem so abstract to the new comer they may be difficult to grasp. Some may wonder if there is anything beyond the physical material world or universe. Look at some studies of the paranormal; research the CIAs remote viewing program or ponder serendipity, a happy “accident”, now think about loveor God. Just because we don’t see a thing in the physical realm doesn’t mean it does not exist. The scientific community rejects remote viewing and so many other psueudosciences, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. In fact the medical community revels about the benefits of meditation. Whether you’re a neophyte just learning about Metaphysics or a lifelong student, you will find the information you’re looking for here. That’s because of the way we manage this web site – by allowing others an opportunity for input. In this way we all join together in a central cyber location with like- minded individuals to contemplate study and engage in that which we have in common. Regardless of your level of knowledge, we invite you to download the free e-book “Applied Metaphysics for Beginners” by Christian D. Larson.This book is an excellent primer as well as a reference manual. It also proves that “New Age” thinking isn’t new at all; it’s actually Ancient Wisdom, a lot of it having been around since Aristotle.

If Metaphysics is about living consciously while being in touch with our subconscious allows us to be more in touch with who we are while at the same time experiencing the life we want to live by manifesting abundance in our life. If you’re looking for ways to invite abundance into your life, there are plenty of opportunities to investigate spirituality, manifestation and the many different modalities of human potential. Personally, we like the terms potential and possibility, because they resonate with our Higher self, Higher Purpose or Higher Calling, which we believe is what we’ve come here to find.

The inhabitants of our planet are currently experiencing a spiritual awakening resulting in there being a vibration harmony for all. In this area of our web site, you can research the Universal Laws. There is plenty of controversy over universal law, theories and what a paradigm shift is all about, so be sure to follow the links provided to open new avenues for your mind to explore.

If you’re interested in angels and miracles, you’ll find useful and helpful information here as well. There are so many paths to, and secrets of, success that each is as different and as unique as every individual. But the practice of Metaphysics calls upon us to understand that we are all part of the same Universal Consciousness. The word inspire comes from the word spirit, literally “in the spirit”. Any spiritual person and most metaphysicians hold that we are all created in the likeness of our Creator. Given that, most believe that we have the Creator’s creativity within us. Because of that, it’s not a difficult stretch to say that we are separated only by a single degree from the Creator, which means we all have the same greatness within us. This is what we refer to as Oneness. When we realize that truth, it becomes easier to change many of the core beliefs which hold us back and no longer serve us. We are then able to realize our Higher Purpose.

We are more than skin-covered Petri dishes wandering around with no reason for being. As heart-centered individuals, we realize the greater truths and draw inspiration from the miracle that is life. It is through our body that we experience life in the physical realm; it is through our mind and its thoughts that we can ascend into our Higher selves and transcend into the spiritual realm. This mind- body- spirit approach is natural and holistic, resonating with who we really are and how we can manifest that which we’ve come here to experience.Rather than allowing life to happen to us, we embrace self-awareness through positive emotions and understand how to leverage our knowledge to create the experience we desire.

You were indeed drawn here for a reason. So bookmark this page and return often. We invite you to drink from the metaphysical cup of understanding, free your mind and prepare to be inspired; paradigm shifts ahead! For more on metaphysics click the link.


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