Natural miracles occur in every moment throughout eternity. Our hair and nails, breath, our very existence, our thoughts, seemingly existing in a physical material reality, we are all creative, part of the creator, how cool is that?. The cars we drive, the appliances we use, all pretty amazing when you think about it. Think now about all the things we often overlook because we live with and utilize them daily, throughout our life. This doesn’t change the fact that these “things” in our physical realm are miracles. Back to our thoughts; through our thoughts, we each can manifest “things” and abundance into our lives. Many fail to realize this power.

Think about it, maybe we need a refrigerator. How do we manifest a refrigerator into our life? First, we think the thought and then we accomplish the things that result in its manifestation. Maybe, shop for one at a local appliance store or on-line. We figure out which model and color will suit our needs, maybe a used one? Small large, all the attributes, we do our research. Once the research is completed we act; maybe we save some money to purchase at a future date, maybe we trade or barter, maybe we use a credit card or cash at hand. But ultimately, we manifest the desired refrigerator into our lives. If we can do that, what else are we capable of, by simply thinking a thought?

Miracles are cool, righteous and seem so big, bigger than life, in fact we can ask for and receive them, but we have to be watchful in order to receive them. Think about when we “need” something miraculous in our lives. We have a need and somehow the need gets met. We need a set of tires for the car, it manifests. We need to get out of a bad relationship and it manifests. We need to heal from an accident, it manifests. Sometimes we fail to ask for that miraculous thing and it doesn’t manifest, sometimes we ask for it when one is not needed and it doesn’t manifest. Sometimes our ego tricks us into believing that we need things which we really don’t need.

A Course In Miracles explains that “Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong.” That is a very powerful statement, one which deserves dissection. The notion that miracles are natural in and of itself is quite uplifting. If these phenomenon are natural, then the world which we occupy is naturally a miracle. Nature is often referred to as miraculous, the beauty, the grandeur, birth, life, existence, all marvels. This then is the validation of the first part of the statement; these wonderful happenings are indeed natural! It follows therefore that when miraculous things do not occur or are not present in our lives, that “something is wrong”.

I suspect we could all agree that is true, given that nature and life in and of themselves are pretty wondrous. When we shift into a paradigm that we live in an environment full of these phenomenon, we can allow ourselves to begin to expand our consciousness beyond the limiting beliefs of our past. By being in touch with our higher selves we can create and enjoy a life of wonderment.

A lot of people associate miracles with angels. That’s because often angels appear when miraculous things happen. That may not always be the case, but if it were that would mean angles are around all the time, which probably is the case. So it makes sense that these two would be paired up. So ahead, dare to ask for a miracle, realize your greatness!