Motivational Speaking

Changing Paradigms in Challenging Times

In approaching motivational speaking, we offer a fresh perspective for any industry, organization or group. We engage our audience with entertaining and current topics, but often in a way that has not previously been conceived. When it’s appropriate, we invoke humor and music with intelligent, yet witty on-stage banter. Our ability to endear ourselves to the audience is unmatched in the industry. So uniquely different, we leave them with heads bobbing, eyes smiling and always asking for more. This is our passion; we practice what we preach and have a love for the craft of changing paradigms; motivating people to realize the greatness which is within us all.

Let’s face it: life is challenging, fast paced and it seems there’s so little time to really have time to oneself for introspection much less take time for a motivational speaking event. Nonetheless, we all could use a bit of motivation, a pat on the back or a boost in self esteem. Often, we look for those things externally. Through our motivational speaking engagements, we help people turn that around and try to see themselves as others see them. In doing so, we introduce a glimpse of our true selves, the person we really are as opposed to who we think we are. Other people see the result of who we are, while we tend to judge ourselves harshly because of some silly thing we did as a child or some mistake we made, which affects us internally, but not externally. It can be difficult to do, but the effort helps us gain some understanding and relax a bit about how we are perceived.

We are in the business of paradigm shifting. We know what people want and need because we’ve been there. We have very uplifting and powerful programs centered on changing perception, problem solving, tearing down old worn out perceptions and changing core beliefs. Our refreshingly different presentations can be life changing and that’s what motivational speaking is all about.

Following are some of the principals which we weave into our motivational speaking engagements and seminars.

There is intelligent thought and less than intelligent thought. It could be said that intelligence comes through the intellect. We help our audience follow that reasoning; the more intellectual a person is, the more intelligent their thoughts should be. We refer to the driving force behind what we do as motivation; we are all motivated to do or not do a certain thing, act in a certain way. Our level of motivation is determined by how we feel about a thing. If we feel good about the thing, we will be motivated to act upon it in such a fashion as to make it happen, which is to succeed. Our presentations help people to see that this motivation is driven by emotion like anger, fear, love compassion, and ultimately, the Ego. We believe that we all pretty much want the same thing: to enhance our life experience. We also help people see how they can leverage positive emotions with intellect to gain a positive experience.

We are generators. Think about it. We generate thoughts, feelings and emotions every moment of every day. We can be anxious, nervous, angry, upset or we can be upbeat, positive,happy and silly. It’s up to us to choose how we feel, how we look at situations and how we act and react to the things going on in our lives.

Whatever feelings and emotions we have, we generate a certain energy, vibe or frequency. This energy is very real, very strong and very powerful. We often refer to this as our power. Within our motivational speaking events, we encourage our participants to think of themselves as superheroes with special powers – the power to emit certain energy. The significance of that is that whatever energy we put out, others pickup on and not just our relationships with other people, but other objects and thought patterns that we interact with; some that we’re not even aware of.

When we pray, do we not call on a Higher Power? When we ask for guidance or help from our spirit guides and angels, are we not calling on a Higher Power? These other powers are as real as our own; and our challenge here in physical material reality is to match our frequency (sometimes referred to as resonance) with that of the Higher Power. By raising our frequency, we are invoking our own power and amplifying it, by resonating with the higher powers in other dimensions.

We each are responsible in generating this energy-frequency. As we do so, we come to realize that we can direct it toward others, in this way sharing our positive good feelings. This is a part of human development. By putting these frequencies into play, we unleash our power to do good, being of service to others. You smile at someone; they smile back, generating a good vibe, resonance, which goes out into the ethers and multiplies. We never know and often do not consider how this affects us and others, but the Law of Attraction ensures that we will receive in proportion to what we give .

If you're interested in having us for a motivational speaking engagement, no matter how large or small, we'll be happy to work with you!