Positive Thinking

I learned about Positive Thinking early on from Norman Vincent Peele. I continued to be a student of positive outlook reading books, taking courses and listening to audio programs. My take on all this is that we live in a sea of potential. We navigate that sea based on our intention. Intention is guided by our attitude, which can be good/bad, positive/negative, high/low (energy).

The Bible says as ye sew, so shall ye reap, positive intention, produces positive results. For example, I gave you a flower to help make you feel better, you smiled and we both felt better … a win/win experience. This perpetuates itself, if we allow it to.

We should pay attention to the little things, to continually interact with our environment in a positive manner, so that we can achieve the results we want. Being present in each moment and not judging ourselves or the result, simply intending the positive and letting go of the result, is the best way to pick one’s self up. This is how we get ourselves out of a well of negativity and into the light of pure positive potential. By navigating the sea of potential in this manner, we can improve our quality of life by positively affecting the outcome, which in turn helps us to evolve consciousness.We are generators. Think about it, we generate thoughts, feelings and emotions every moment of every day. We can be anxious, nervous, angry, upset or we can be upbeat, positive, happy and silly. It’s up to us to choose how we feel, how we look at situations and how we act and react to the things going on in our lives. Whatever feelings and emotions we have, we generate a certain energy, vibe or frequency.

This energy is very real and very powerful. In fact this is what we may refer to as our power. It might be helpful to think of yourself as a super hero with special powers – the power to put out certain energy through positive thinking. The significance of that should not go unnoted; whatever energy we put out, others pickup on and not just other people, but other objects and thought patterns that we interact with; some that we’re not even aware of.

When we pray, do we not call on a higher power? When we ask for guidance or help from our spirit guides and angels, are we not calling on a higher power? These other powers are as real as our own and our challenge here in physical material reality is to match our frequency (sometimes referred to as resonance) with that of the higher power. In doing this we are invoking not only our own power, but we are amplifying it, by resonating with the higher powers in other dimensions.

We each are responsible to generate this positive thinking energy-frequency and as we do so, we come to realize that we can direct it toward others, in this way sharing our positive good feelings. By putting these frequencies into play, we unleash our power to do good, being of service to others. You smile at someone; they smile back, generating a good vibe, resonance, which goes out into the ethers and multiplies. We never know and often do not consider how this affects us and others, but we will receive back in proportion to what we put out. So manifest whatever you will and know that the universe will answer accordingly.

We limit ourselves by failing to reach our full potential and then we often make it worse. Rather than positive thinking, we complain about life and how unfair things are, how unfortunate we are and how someone else always get the breaks. This causes a backflow of energy. Rather than being in the natural flow of abundance, we go against the flow into a river of negativity. We do this every day, unknowing, paying little if any attention to the things we tell ourselves, the thoughts we think and the many outbreaks of selfishness, anger and fear.

Think about it, in traffic someone cuts us off we get upset, maybe even shout at them in frustration, allowing our negative vibration to raise, taking ourselves out of the positive harmonic with natural abundance. There are hundreds of times this may happen in a single day and each time, we’re training our subconscious in the ways of the negative. Wouldn’t it be better to say to ourselves “they must be in more of a hurry than I am”, then bless them and let it go? By turning these little everyday events into positive thinking opportunities that allow us to be in the positive flow we grow and re-learn how to remain in our natural state – that is what a paradigm shift is.

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