First let's determine what prosperity means to each of us. We like the term “thrive”, because it resonates with us and has a sort of all-encompassing meaning which fits nicely with our perception of prosperity. It’s kind of like the secret to success or the good life, what we might even refer to as “living the dream.”

In our world, part of living the dream is being spiritual and living consciously, being an inspiration to others. That includes meditation and creating through the Law of Attraction and thinking positively. We may also include in our personal definition; the time and ability to do the things we want, i.e., the things we enjoy and love-- things like writing and performing music, spending time with loved ones, camping, traveling, things of that nature. They are the things in life that bring us the greatest joy and about which we are the most passionate.

When we apply a holistic approach to how we perceive richness, we begin to shift paradigms into a more complete mindset, one more harmonious with prosperity. As we do this, our desired outcome becomes more in focus and can begin to resonate with us as opposed to simply being some arbitrary concept or label we use. Introducing these grandiose definitions and paradigm shifting concepts awakens the power of the subconscious mind, allowing us to begin to live closer to that higher ideal. We have then set energies in motion, unknown to us, but bringing that which we seek closer to us and ourselves closer to it.

We like to use the analogy of purchasing a new car. When we first notice that new car, it’s really new to us and we’re excited. We do our research and choose colors, arrange financing and ultimately find the right one for us and purchase. WOW, fantastic, this new car rocks! About the time we drive it off the car lot, we see a few other on the road. In the course of the next week or so, we see a plethora of them and think, “Wow! It seems there are a lot of cars out there just like the one we purchased?! What happened?

Is it synchronicity? Many think so, but in actuality, it’s simply that we didn’t notice these cars before, because we weren’t’ looking. If you’re not paying attention, you can miss out on the fact that you’re living the dream. Personally, I’ve been there and have come to understand what’s most important. And really, that’s where it all should start. As we make our lists of what’s important, what qualities we’d like to have and what we want to accomplish, it seems obvious that we should also include the soft stuff like core values, character traits etc. Need help prospering? Try our prosperity worksheet to get started. If you’re still having difficulty, we’ll be happy to help with life coaching. Complete the inquiry and see if it resonates with you!