Pursuit of Happiness

Ahh, yes, the pursuit of happiness, what we refer to as “living the dream.” Happiness and the dream mean something different for everybody, but that definition is starting to change. Our parents and grandparents were taught to have a good strong work ethic. That’s a great thing when we’re pursuing the American Dream, but things have changed over the past three generations or so. Technology has allowed us access to more information for less money and in less time. And because of that we realize we don’t need as much, materially anyway. For example, in the old days, only the wealthiest had a library full of books; now, anyone with access to the Internet has more information at their fingertips than ever before and it’s completely free, for the most part. The most popular cars these days are the smaller, more efficient ones, not the big lumbering gas guzzlers of yesteryear.

And why is that? Because we’re evolving the collective consciousness. We’re beginning to realize the change that our footprint on the planet is effecting. We’re making changes in our lives to live consciously, changing to a more positive mindset. Truly, we are Spirit in the flesh, only just beginning to awaken to the fact that we are all capable of manifesting abundance in our lives. Because we are awakening to the path of spirituality, we are naturally drawn toward that which serves us. And we are beginning to realize that often “less is more” in our pursuit of happiness.

Think about it this way; when we have a lot of “stuff” in our lives, we’re attached to “stuff.” Physical material stuff weighs us down, literally and figuratively, causing anxiety over the fact that we have to keep our stuff safe. Some can never have enough stuff, as in the case of hoarders. And being attached to stuff requires us to make a bunch of money to have a house big enough to keep it all. Why do we want 8000 square foot houses with 4 or 5 bathrooms to clean? It takes more stuff to clean and more stuff to fill the rooms.

The pursuit of happiness is no longer about having more material goods, including money; it is about human potential and realizing our Higher Purpose. The wisdom that we are gaining and the insight that we are demonstrating in our existence right now, on this Earth plain, is truly inspiring. The secrets of success are all stored between your two ears! So wake up and realize the greatness within you and adjust your course accordingly.