Time Management

How important is time management on a scale of one to ten? For those who are conscious of success, it is of utmost importance. After all there is only so much time in a lifetime. Time cannot be stored or saved for later use, and if not used well, cannot be retrieved. A lot of folks go about life with little motivation, set in their ways, disheveled and unorganized. More often than not, it is these people who never realize success. Without any ability to prioritize, they become inefficient and their work quality suffers. Time management allows us to see the larger picture and allocate our resources more effectively. With a little diligence we can focus on what’s most important and delegate the rest.

"You Can make more money, but you can't make more time"

Take a look back at your day and ask yourself how quickly the time went. Now think about the past week, does it not seem like a blur? Now think about the past month and how quickly it passed and what about last year? We often find ourselves saying “Gosh, this week is just whizzing right on by” or “Where does the time go?” In fact, we tell ourselves how quickly it goes by, then sabotage it all with thoughts and comments like, “Man, I can’t wait until Friday” or “I wish it were the weekend”; then, when the weekend comes, it just blows on by as quickly as the last and we’re right back to Monday. Life today presents so many distractions, and therefore, it is easy to lose time on unimportant activities. Ask yourself, is that silly TV program or gossip magazine, or participating in a certain activity going to add any intrinsic value to my life, or is merely a waste of time and energy? This is not to imply that fun activities are a waste of time—they just have to be prioritized and a certain amount of time allotted to them.

Inability to manage one’s time efficiently is one of the biggest causes of stress. Stress is negative energy. It goes without saying that stress from not accomplishing what you want to accomplish in a given day, in a repeated pattern, causes tremendous physical, as well as emotional, pain, and affects sleep patterns, eating habits, and a myriad of other areas of our lives. Life is not about being tense and overwhelmed.Learning how to manage our schedules is one of the most empowering things we can do for ourselves as well as those whose lives we touch every day. Effective management of time leads to stress reduction.

Following are just a few of the reasons time management is so crucial in our technological age:

  • Most of us feel like there is too much to do and not enough time. As a result, they blame lack of time for poor finances, unachieved goals, stress, bad relationships and not maintaining good health. Management can help you find the time to do everything you want and need to do, and therefore feel better about yourself for having accomplished those goals.
  • It helps you to set priorities.
  • It helps you to make conscious choices, enabling you to spend more time doing the things that are meaningful to you.
  • Using these skills and tools help you increase productivity and creativity, and enables you to perform the right task at the right time. The end result is more balance and fulfillment. Isn’t that what we all want??
  • It requires willpower and self-discipline to walk toward your goal in a straight line. How important is it to you? Isn’t it worth a little extra “time” and effort?
  • Perhaps the most important point here is that a certain amount of inner detachment and inner peace are desirable in order to manage your time wisely. If you are calm despite distractions, and do not spend so much emotional and mental energy on what is happening around you, you can do the things that are more rewarding.

Here are a few suggestions you can enact right now to make life a bit less stressful. There are so many more to explore with in-depth coaching or some other avenue:

  • Get up earlier in the morning.
  • Give up watching TV late at night.
  • Getting up even 15 minutes earlier allows you to mediate, read, and plan your day wisely.
  • “Act as if” you have all the time in the world, which reduces the stress of that “I have so much to do and not enough time in which to do it” feeling.
  • Focus and do not procrastinate. Procrastination induces stress.

And that's just the TIP of the iceberg!

Time management is a set of principles, practices, skill sets, tools, and systems that help you accomplish what you want. As the adage states, “Time is of the essence.” One doesn’t have to be a rocket surgeon to conclude that life is indeed short, and we only have so much time to improve our quality of life. Some of the techniques we help our clients implement are downright simple. It doesn’t have to be difficult; it only needs to work. We work with our clients to arrive at simple solutions in creative and exciting ways. The results can be impressive and immediate. And in the fast pace of today’s society, who couldn’t use some tips and tricks to help retrieve some badly needed time to enjoy life? So whenever you’re ready, we’re ready! Come sign up for life coaching and get your time management “game” on!

“Always remember that the future comes one day at a time.”

- Dean Acheson